07. November 2018
This term we've introduced Wednesday afternoon Clubs to utilise the amazing skills of our parents. I've been helping the kids learn about engineering and technology through Lego Robotics. The kids have learned how to build and code a basic robot. I'm not sure who had more fun, me or them!

05. September 2018

31. August 2018
me and zeb and ralph are dooen a lego project. we are investgaten thes questions.

27. August 2018
This is a wasp nest. Our teacher brought it in and this is only half of it! Around the wasp nest there is this stuff, which looks like bark stuck together. There must have been over 99 wasps in there. Our teacher found it under her the wood chips in her garden. I thought it was really cool when I saw it. The stuff, which looks like bark is very delicate.

20. August 2018
Oh yeah, you better hear the tiger roar a oooooo a oooooo a Oh yeah the tiger is on fire you better know that the tiger is on fire o yeah I love to be the beat.

15. August 2018
Today we had the day off! We went into Matakana village and bumped into some MMP friends who came back to Southgate Farm for a Forest adventure.

09. June 2016
This term our science day took a Montessori twist - following the interests and strengths of our whanau members, seeing tuakana working with teina and sharing their robotics skills. A very big thank you to parents Renee and Chris for sharing their own knowledge and time with a group of students who built online rockets! Montessori materials that align with the interests of groups and individuals were explored. This was a great opportunity for students to remember past learning and apply their...

26. April 2016
The team is going to participate in the FLL (FIRST LEGO League) Challenge this year!

22. April 2016
The students wrote to themselves on the last day of term, addressed their envelops and we all walked into the village to experience posting a letter the 'old fashion' way. Luka made a guess that it would take three days for his letter to arrive. He checked every day and was so excited when it finally got to him!

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