Mahurangi Montessori Primary Trust

Dan Paine – Planning

We moved to Matakana in 2005 and several years later when considering our young children's education, we discovered Montessori through the positive word-of-mouth we were hearing from families about Totara Hill Montessori Pre-school.


The shared learning environment and the way that this form of learning strives to instil strong self-confidence really resonates with me.

Jasmijn de Graaf – Secretary

Our Montessori journey began when our oldest daughter was 2 years and started a Montessori pre-school in Auckland. She was followed by her twin sisters. Then we moved to the Netherlands where we landed in a small village of 500 people with a Montessori primary school. We were blown away by the caring environment where each child could be him- or herself, how confident they became and the love of learning they developed.


Coming back to New Zealand, we were very passionate to continue their Montessori education and we feel very lucky to have found Mahurangi Montessori Primary School.

Jacqui Settle – Treasurer & Enrolments

My family and I fell into Montessori Education while living in Hong Kong - we're grateful that we can continue with Montessori learning in Matakana. I have a background in Health Sciences and Occupation, and value that my children can choose to work on what is interesting them. 

Christine Sheehy – Policy

Our family discovered Montessori education when we first moved to the Matakana area in 2009. All three of our children flourished at their Montessori preschool and the older two are now thriving as confident independent learners in the Montessori class at Matakana School. They both enjoy the mixed age learning environment and I believe the shared learning experiences have strengthened their sibling bond.  

Tara Southgate – Communications

I discovered Montessori through a friend whose two teenage boys had an extensive Montessori education.  I've always been impressed with how smart, creative and articulate they are, but also the high level of emotional intelligence they seem to have.


When I got around to having children I enrolled them immediately at the local Montessori Pre-school.  Later, to my disappointment there were no local Montessori primary schools so our family relocated to Matakana so that our children could continue their Montessori education.