Our Teachers

Kelly Norton

My name is Kelly Norton and I am very excited to be joining the Matakana School community.  I grew up in the Mahurangi area, and love exploring all that it has to offer. Currently I live at Snell's Beach, where my children and I spend most of our free time.


Undertaking my Teaching career later in life has been a very colourful journey for me.  I completed my training with AUT University in 2014, specialising in Montessori in my final year.  Purely by accident, I feel in love with this philosophy for life.  Last year I immersed myself where the pedagogy began, in a Montessori school with children aged 3 - 6 years. With an understanding of where my learners have been, I am thrilled to be back learning with primary aged children. 


My interests include reading, travel, languages and spending time with my whānau.  I am a passionate learner of te reo Māori, and this learning experience keeps me in tune with my students and what it feels like to be a supported learner.


I look forward to meeting you all around the community.

Shannon Sweetman

 Kia Ora! My name is Shannon Sweetman and I am thrilled to be joining the Matakana School whānau as a Montessori teacher in Room 15. 

I have lived in Wellsford my whole life, attending both Wellsford Primary School and Rodney College. In 2014, I began my teaching journey at AUT University undertaking my Bachelor Degree in Primary Education. In my final year, I decided to specialise in Montessori Education due to an inspiring lecturer, and an inclination to explore my own teaching philosophy further, as many beliefs and values of Montessori Education aligned with my own. My final year really shaped who I am as a teacher, and I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to continue with Montessori Education so close to home. 

I am excited to be joining Kelly Norton in Room 15 for my first year of teaching, as we both share a similar philosophy and understanding of education. 

Outside of school, I enjoy music, travel, sport, getting out in nature, and spending time with my family and friends. 

I look forward to meeting the many members of the Matakana School Community!

Room 15 - Matakana Primary School

Room 15 is located at Matakana Primary School.


We opened the class in February 2009 with 11 students who were six and seven years old. They come from diverse backgrounds with many different interests which creates a warm and rich dynamic.


The Montessori Unit within Matakana School provides Montessori education (from age 6) delivered within the framework of the New Zealand National Curriculum.


Maria Montessori called the Primary curriculum Cosmic Education because its goal is to expose the child to the whole range of human knowledge in an integrated approach to learning set into the largest context possible. Contextual learning is the foundation for deep understanding. The context for the elementary curriculum is established in an overview of the history of the universe. As they study ancient civilisations the children discover that all aspects of knowledge including mathematics, language, history, botany, geography, music and art developed the basic human needs. This understanding fosters a love for learning and eagerness to take their place as contributing members of the community.


Our teachers direct and guide the children through observation.


Our classroom provides specialised learning resources and equipment in an atmosphere that is calm and appealing. Children learn at their own pace and interact in a multi-age classroom. This enables the teacher to identify and understand each child's unique learning style.


The Montessori class is fully integrated into Matakana Primary School, providing access to school-wide programmes and facilities including cultural and sporting activities, the arts, an extensive library and IT suite.


Complimenting academic independence, children become masters of their environment and are responsible for managing their classroom and garden area. These aspects of the curriculum foster the Montessori idea of an education for the development of the whole child.



Inside Room 15
Inside Room 15